Heat Press T-Shirt Transfer Process

Learn about heat press t-shirt transfer process, silk screening, transferring designs on to fabric, glass, ceramic, stone, paper and more in the guides below.

If you have wanted to know how to start a t-shirt transfer business, you need to know the time saving techniques described in detail. Find tshirt transfer patterns, learn tee shirt transfer design and discover everything about heat press t-shirt transfer process to start creating your own t-shirts for profit.


How to Print TShirts for Fun and Profit
by Scott O. Fresener

"The book totally takes you through the ins and outs of printing T-Shirts, whether you want to do it for fun or as a serious business. It not only discusses the technical part in enough detail: it also goes into the marketing and sales of your product. " ~ Amazon reviewer




The Ultimate Color Printer Craft Book
by Susan Kryzwicki, Laurel Burden

The more than 30 patterns detailed here are easy, filled with explicit directions, photographs, and illustrations, and they are labeled with completion time, level of difficulty, materials, and software needed. Every piece of data necessary to succeed.



The Color Printer Idea Book : 40 Really Cool and Useful Projects to Make with Any Color Printer!
by Kay Hall

With complete step-by-step instructions, materials lists, and sources for each project, The Color Printer Idea Book gives readers all the information they need to make beautiful gifts, decorations, and games. Hall shows readers how to print professional-looking labels for homemade concoctions and personalize T-shirts and aprons.


The New Photo Crafts: Photo Transfer Techniques and Projects
by Suzanne Tourtillott

Demonstrates there are plenty of ways to move beyond using these traditional methods to preserve and enjoy your photos. Forty projects by a team of two dozen talented designers employ photographic prints, photocopies, image transfers onto both fabric and polymer clay, and digital photos, yielding such items as lamp shades, boxes, journals, and tote bags.

Transfer: Images on Glass, Fabric, Ceramic, Stone, Paper, Metal, Plastic and Wood
by Isabel De Cordova

Crafters can choose from the wide variety of heat transfer projects -- personalizing cloth napkins, a canvas bag, sofa cushions, curtains and drapes; customizing dishes, ceramic tiles, wooden placemats, biscuit tins, glass jugs, and vases.


Easy Transfers for Any Surface: Crafting with Images and Photos
by Livia McRee

Integrate image transfer into your next craft project.The explosion of home computers, digital cameras, and photos being available on cd's or floppy disks has resulted in photos, images and clip art being at your finger tips for inclusion in a wide array of projects.

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