March 19, 2016


Selling on Etsy and Craft Business Articles and Resources

Crafts and Things to Make and Sell – A list of crafts media and products that can be made or embellished by hand craftswork

Handmade Crafts that Sell Best – There’s no quick and easy answer to which crafts sell best. This article explains why and what to do to make your crafts stand out.

Best Selling Crafts – Another article on the same topic as the above one.

Wholesale Craft Supplies – Lots of craft supplies at wholesale prices with ideas on how to find materials cheaply.

Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online – Lists fifteen of the more popular online stores like Etsy, Artfire, etc.

Selling Crafts to Consignment Shops – Tips and pointer for selling your handmade crafts through consignment shops or outright to stores.

How to Price Crafts to Sell – Gives you a basic formula to use for pricing crafts which will help you when selling retail and then serve as a base for setting wholesale prices.

Crafts fairs and Shows – Find crafts fairs, shows and festivals across the U.S. through the craft fair guides listed here.

How to Raise Prices – Three tips for increasing the perceived value of your crafts so you can raise prices.

Sell Crafts OnlineSell Your Crafts Online provides a roadmap to the best Internet places from which to sell, promote, get reviewed, and find new customers. More than 500 Internet promotion ideas.

Art Tent Buyers  Guide – Vendor Tents 10×10- Canopy Tents – Art tent buyers guide with list of resources for how to shop for and buy vendor tents, 10×10 pop up canopies for your events.

Articles on Selling Crafts as a Business – Free articles on selling crafts excerpted from our craft business books.

Other Places to Sell Crafts – Beyond craft shows and festivals, this article explores other places to sell your handmade products.

Craft Business Books – Guides that tell you what you need to know to start and grow your crafts business.

Sell Crafts on eBay – This book teaches tips and tricks to creating successful auction listings on eBay for your handmade crafts.

Basic Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts – Used by many craft artists when starting their business. Full of craft selling tips and resources.

Directory of Grants for Crafts – Lists grants for artists and craftspeople. Describes how to write winning grant proposals.

Sell Crafts Online – Article and video on where to sell crafts online.

Books for Craft Businesses – More books on marketing art and crafts recommended for those starting out.

Books on Guerilla Marketing – Guerrilla Marketing is for craft business owners with big visions and small budgets.

Pay Pal – How to use PayPal to accept payments for your eBay auctions or other online sales.

We’re in the News – Media who have interviewed James Dillehay or mentioned our craft business books.

What is the Law of Copyright – What is infringement of copyright, what is the copyright legislation, cases of copyright infringement.

Trade Shows for Selling Crafts Wholesale to Stores – When you’re ready to do trade shows, here’s what you’ll need.

Start Your Own Business – Covers the basics of starting up a new business.

James Dillehay – Craftmarketer founder, craft artist and author, James Dillehay bio and why his advice is worth paying attention to.

Newsletter Back Issues – Read back issues of newsletters.

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9×6 Garden Shed – If you have been looking for the perfect outdoor storage shed or mini-studio space, the 9×6 garden shed is the perfect size building.

Bedroom Hidden TV Cabinet – Hidden TV cabinets for bedroom viewing when you feel lazy.

Brother Commercial Embroidery Machines – Get started in your own embroidery business with the right tools and equipment.

Caron Yarn – Find loads of colors and sizes of Caron Yarn to choose from; all cheaper than stores.

Cheap Plane Tickets – Need the best deal when flying to craft shows in other states? Here are the lowest rates anywhere.

Childrens clothes catalog – eBay listings with discount childrens clothes catalog

Free Crochet Patterns – A one-stop site for locating your favorite crochet pattern at no cost.

Gas Mileage Savers – Increasing gas mileage tips and products that lower costs driving to craft shows.

Gift Basket Business Tips – Start a gift basket business with help from someone who’s been there.

Graphic Design Jobs – Post your resume at these job search engines if you are a graphic designer.

Heat Press T-shirt Transfer – Resources for learning the process of transferring designs to t-shirts and other fabrics you can make to sell.

Income Tax Deductions – Book that shows how to deduct 100 percent of your family’s out-of-pocket medical expenses and insurance on your Schedule C form.

Macrame Instructions – Learn how to macrame, get example projects and patterns.

Microwave Stands Cabinets Carts – Ease the storage problem for your kitchen with these microwave stands.

Red Heart Yarn – Find a great selection of Red Heart yarns at bargain prices on eBay. Live listings updated hourly.

Painting Murals as a Business– Learn how to start and grow a business painting murals.

Potpourri Catalog of Potpourri Supplies – Find potpourri supplies at the lowest prices.

Pottery Designs – Article on pottery designs.

Rubbermaid Truck Toolbox – If you do a lot of crafts fairs, you need toolboxes for your truck like those described here.

Rubbermaid Vinyl Storage Sheds — Everyone could use more storage space, right? These storage sheds from trusted brand Rubbermaid let you store your craft materials easily.

Soap Making – Books with recipes, sources and profitable tips for making soap you can sell as a business.

Start Work at Home Business – Things to watch out for when thinking to start a work at home business.

Storage Containers – Find the right storage containers for your craft supplies and tools.

Tole Painting Books and Supplies – Big selection of tole painting books and supplies.

Wholesale Beads – Get beads in large lots at wholesale prices. Find other beadmaking supplies cheap.

Womens Small Business Grants – Where to locate the best resources for getting grant money if you are a woman in business.

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