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Womens Small Business Grants Information

womens small business grant informationWomens small business grants are available in many forms. First, you will need to identify all the possible funding sources related to your subject matter, including all the different government grants.

Before You Apply for Womens Small Business Grants

The quality of your grant application is directly related to your project planning. The more clearly you have thought out what you want to do and how you are going to do it, the more effective your application will be.

After you have decided upon your project, get a current copy of the appropriate grant application form and read it carefully. If you are a first-time applicant, before you complete the application form, contact the appropriate staff member in the foundation for advice on your project and the application process and to review and comment on a draft of your application.

Grants for Women to Start a Business Application Forms

Follow the instructions exactly. Complete your application well in advance of the program deadline. Proofread and review all the information you plan to submit.

While a flawless grant application may not greatly improve your chances of success, typographical and financial errors can be costly. Errors may be seen as carelessness by jurors.

Provide only the information and documents required. Try to introduce your project description with a one sentence summary, explaining the what, the how and the why. Use plain language.

Financial Statements

  • Be detailed and accurate in your proposal budgeting. Unrealistic budget figures can ruin your chances of getting funded.
  • Make sure your figures are clearly explained and that the projected revenues and expenses balance.
  • Include the grant amount that you are requesting.
  • Have a contingency plan. Some successful applicants for womens small business grants receive only a portion of what was requested.

Use the internet to save time in your search. Maximize your search efforts for womens small business grants by thinking of your project as falling under many different subject categories. For example, if you want to find womens small business grants for opening a co-operative arts gallery, you can look for grant givers who support "women", "businesses", "minorities", "arts", "humanities", "regional arts" and so on.

Apply to as many funding programs as you like. However, be aware that givers have specific goals. The successful grant proposal will convince the funding decision makers that your project is a good match with their objectives.

Womens small business grants for arts and crafts related projects are described in Directory of Grants for Crafts & How to Write a Winning Proposal

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