Trendy Indie: New Market to Sell Crafts Online

Trendy Indie is a new marketplace for buyers and sellers of indie crafts and handmade goods. The site was started by Texas native Whitney Huntzinger in June 2009.

There are no seller or listing fees, only a monthly plan depending on how many listings. If someone wants to open up a shop on Trendy Indie, they pay a simple to understand monthly fee through Paypal. There are no contracts or long term commitments. Sellers are free to cancel their accounts at any time.

Trendy Indie offers three different payment plans, starting at $5 per month. The $5 per month option allows a seller to list up to 25 items in their shop at a time; the second option is $10 per month and allows a seller to list 100 products in their shop and the third option is $20 per month, and with this option, sellers can list an unlimited amount of items in their shop.

Trendy Indie is offering a special on the third option – the first 1500 people to open up a shop can choose this plan for only $9.99 per month!

Because it is a new marketplace, shoppers have a better chance at finding your products.

Trendy Indie is a fan of Etsy and Whitney (Trendy Indie’s founder) has several Etsy shops. She is trying to give sellers another selling option.

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