List of Top Sites to Sell Handmade Crafts From

This page lists popular sites to sell handmade crafts online from. There are many more places to sell your crafts on line, but these will get you started. — Hugely popular site for buying and selling. Listing and transaction fees apply. Storefronts start at $15.95 per month. You can find community forums and advice for selling crafts on eBay. — Etsy has made a name for where to buy and sell handmade crafts. It’s free for sellers to open a storefront. Seller fees are lower than eBay. Lots of great community support for those wanting to make money selling crafts on Etsy. — Although this site looks like it would be an auction site, it describes itself as an online community where buyer and seller interacts and negotiates. You list your item and state your asking price. Low final value fees charged upon sale of items. — Provides free web store builder and a free online marketplace. Sellers can set up their own free online store in minutes. Buyers browse and compare between thousands of products. Sellers get a free subdomain and all products are posted to Google Product Search as well. — Dawanda started in Germany and was considered the Etsy of Europe. You can set up a store on free and they don’t currently charge a per listing fee, though they say that will eventually change. They charge 5% commission to sell handmade crafts. You can list any “unique, customizable and/or handmade” items. — With a Paypal Business or Premier account, you can sign up, add your products, customize your store, and start selling. There is a limit of 100 products. Big Cartel does not charge any fees per transaction. — One of the easiest sites to sell from. Free to list here and you get your own storefront. Final value fees are very low compared to other auction sites. — E-commerce site designed to bring buyers and sellers of antiques and art, vintage collectibles and jewelry together online. There is a one time $75 setup fee per shop. $20 per month per shop to sell handmade crafts. A one-time fee of 30 cents to list an item. Ruby Lane runs ad campaigns to attract buyers. — Auction site with free listing and low final value fees. Optional feature extras available for low cost. You can use your own Paypal or merchant account for accepting payments. — Sell your art or craft here with a seller’s account that costs $12 a month, but you can list your first ten items free. No final value fees. Artfire runs ads in publications, social networks, broadcast and other places to draw in buyers. — Storefronts here for selling art and design works start at around $50 a month. You can mention and link to your other online stores from here. — Popular site for antiques and collectibles, but they also have a category for “Artisan and Design” where you can sell handmade crafts. Fees for setting up a store run from $20 to $70 per month depending on features. Additional paid advertising options are available. — Online marketplace to sell handmade crafts with no start up or listing fees. There is a 3% commission fee charged when items sell. In addition to images, you can upload videos. Each store can create and maintain its own forum and blog. Allowing you to interact with interested customers directly.

This list is excerpted from the new book: 500 Ideas to Sell Your Handmade Crafts Online

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