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Tole painting books and supplies found here. tole painting books and suppliesDiscover the cheapest source of Adhesives, Airbrushes, Brushes, Canvas, Ceramics, Cutting Tools, Easels, Framing, Painting, Papers, Presentation and Display Materials, Printmaking Supplies, Signmaking Supplies, and many more tole painting books and supplies.

Find Acrylic Gouache, Boxes for Decoration, Decorative Painting Brushes, Decorative Painting Mediums, Enamels and Waterbased Paints, and Floor Cloth Canvas.

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Priscilla Hauser's Book of Decorative Painting by Priscilla Hauser

Priscilla has done a wonderful job with this book! It is very informative, with step by step instructions for each brush stroke technique as well as gorgeous photos of each phase of the design. Everything you need to know is included in this book!

The Big Book of Decorative Painting by Jackie Shaw

Clearly and thoroughly explains the methods of adorning objects with stylized flowers, fruit, scrolls, and other organic designs. After a full explanation of the preliminaries, Jackie Shaw walks you step by step through all manner of decorative painting motifs.

The Complete Book of Decorative Painting by Tera Leigh

All the topics are covered: materials and supplies, color, surfaces, techniques, brush strokes, lettering and borders, finishes, even five try-your-hand projects. Provides other resources for toll painting books and supplies.

tole painting books and supplies

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