Teaching Classes About Arts and Crafts for Extra Money

A fun way to supplement your income and utilize your crafts experience is to teach classes and workshops. People who do crafts love learning all the how-tos.

Many large metro areas have adult education programs you can teach through. Another venue is art / craft supply stores. They many already sponsor arts and crafts classes. I was in a sewing machine store the other day and they offered quilting classes put on by a local quilt artist. Craft supply stores usually have a mailing list or newsletter you can advertise the class in.

There may be at least one related craft guild or more in your area with a newsletter that would announce your event. If you don’t know of a guild, check with your craft supply stores as they probably will know about the guilds related to their supplies.

List your crafts classes for free on craigslist.org (for your city). You can post free ads in the events section. Another cheap but effective way to announce your crafts workshop is through “Calendar of Events” listings in local community newspapers. Placing a calendar listing for your class is much cheaper and more effective than a display ad. I published a magazine a few years back and my advertisers and readers were consistently reporting to me how happy they were about event turnouts coming from the calendar listings.

If you want to teach and market workshops and seminars regularly, see the book “Make a Difference” by Bob Walling. I met Bob years ago and hired him as a consultant to help me develop my craft workshops and feel strongly that it was because of his advice that my classes were so successful.

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