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My problem solved through creativity and imagination
By Brandy Boswell, Artist & Owner of Elegantly Haunted, – Hand painted Glassware for ALL Occasions!!!

Today there are many ways your make your home, gift giving, and entertaining greener. One of the best methods is through purchasing products that are repurposed. However, it can be difficult to find repurposed items that are artful, tasteful, and usable, all in one. If the piece doesn’t have value or give pleasure, your effort is wasted!

I found myself facing this dilemma when I was looking for a sensible and sustainable way to “WOW” my guests at my annual Halloween party. There were several points I wanted to address with my parties;

  1. I wanted to limit the amount of waste my party produced
  2. I wanted to give my guests something they would value and appreciate
  3. I wanted something to match my theme and decor
  4. I wanted to create!!!

My solution? Hand painted glassware!

Over the course of about a month, I visited my local community stores and purchased the best quality wine glasses possible. Next, I hand painted each glass with a one of a kind design using the best quality glass paint I could find. As my guests arrived at my party, I handed them their own unique piece of art. My guests where more than WOW’d, they were FLOORED!

My guests used their wine glasses all evening and then took them home as a truly memorable and pleasurable gift. This was the perfect solution for me!! I reduced my level of waste, and clean up all in one. Above all, my guests received a gift filled with value, beauty, and personal attention!

From this spark of imagination, I now have a thriving business. I create hand painted glassware for anyone looking for a unique gift and/or a sustainable option when entertaining! As it turns out my original design is my best seller. It is a simple black and white tree, proving less is more!

My hand painted glassware makes AMAZING gifts for all occasions! I hand paint party & wedding favors, wine glasses, beer steins, candle holders and so much more! The possibilities seem endless.

Buying repurposed hand painted glassware not only supports a sustainable lifestyle, it also supports an American business, and artist creating American made products. No need to buy cheap print press ‘Made in China’ glasses disguised as hand painted.  Truly a sensible solution!!!!

Artful, Personal & Durable! Just the way my clients and I like it!

Blackbear the Pirate, 24oz Bordeaux glass depicting the main character of the Blackbear the Pirate children’s book series created by Author Steven Buckley

Hand Painted Wedding Favors, Vintage theme in cream and black.


Hand painted stem-less wine glasses created for Lucy and Rob Wood owners of Spoutwood Farm CSA.


My signature Black and White Trees. Original design create for my own Halloween Party –Brandy Boswell, Artist and Owner of Elegantly Haunted  – Hand painted Glassware for ALL Occasions!!!

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