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Learn about leveraging your time and the internet to start a work at home business from your idea, hobby, or interest.

To start a work at home business, you'll need a strong belief in yourself and passion. The SBA reports that 50% of new businesses fail in their first year. Those most likely to succeed are 'in love' with their venture.

How big do you want to grow before you start a work at home business. Have an 'end game' in mind or you're likely to become a slave with little hope of escape.

Many people start a work at home business by either selling products, or doing contract work. Independent contractor work provides the most freedom, but also has the disadvantage that you only get paid for hours you work.

Residual income pays you even if you aren't actually putting in time. The internet provides multiple ways to start a work at home business that generates residual income.

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If you're going to start a work at home business selling other company's products, be sure to work with a company that's been around and has integrity. It's also a good idea to market consumable products customers can reorder monthly. If you have a creative bent, start a home based craft business. It's fun and you can produce your arts and crafts items at home on your own schedule. Craft shows are fun and there is no commitment beyond the weekend event.

While the attractions seem good and the benefits equally as great—if you can find them—work from home programs must be closely investigated and carefully considered. First, telecommuting writers know how lucrative and lovely working at home can be. We have freedom. We are our own bosses. We can work from our territory, empowered by the comfort of our own private spaces, coffee and cigarettes and TV as we work, and, yes, the joy of wearing whatever we want, including pajamas.

Before you start a work at home business, understand there's a big difference between the earn at home scams and having your own business. Any company that advertises you can make money working for it but then charges you a fee just pass them by. No “employer” should charge you anything, especially not to apply. And it's far more satisfying to start a work at home business of your own.

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