Where to Sell Products You Make

where to sell handmade products

where to sell handmade productsWhere to sell products you make? There are many places offline and online when you are looking at where to sell products you’ve produced. This article lists many types of face-to-face events for selling your art, craft or photography.

You may already be aware of popular events like:

  • Art shows
  • Fine craft shows
  • Country craft shows
  • Renaissance fairs
  • Mall shows
  • Historical theme events
  • State and county fairs

And then there are….

Overlooked Events: Where to Sell Products

There are hundreds of potentially lucrative expos, consumer shows and other events for selling through. The types of  events listed below allow you to match your items when themed events. At such events, you will find shoppers looking for specific types of products and as long as your items are similar, you have a built in audience of qualified buyers.

  • Antique shows
  • Apparel:
  • Baby / children’s expos
  • Bath / kitchen shows
  • Boats / yachts shows
  • Bridal / wedding shows
  • Ethnic events / festivals
  • Fashion shows held locally
  • Fishing / hunting expos
  • Furniture expos
  • Gems /jewelry / lapidary shows
  • Gift shows
  • Heritage events / demonstrations
  • Hobby shows
  • Home / garden shows
  • Home decor shows
  • Horticulture expos
  • Hotels / resorts shows
  • Interior design shows
  • Landscaping shows
  • Pet industry trade shows:
    Bird shows
    Cat shows
    Dog shows
    Horse shows
  • Photographs shows
  • Religious conventions
  • Textiles shows
  • Toy shows
  • Travel / tourism shows
  • Woodworking expos

Where to Sell Products Through Stores

Overlooked retail outlets: retail craft galleries aren’t the only possible outlets for your handmade products. Depending on the kind of craft, its size, price, fragility, and construction, products can be marketed through a number of alternative retail outlets. For instance:
  • Gourmet stores stock food and gift baskets.
  • Children’s stores are an avenue for handcrafted dolls, trains, and puzzles.
  • Airport and hotel gift shops attract travelers in transit.
  • Museum and hospital gift shops as well.
  • Hospitals waiting rooms
  • Gift stores can also be found at marinas in coastal areas.
  • Beauty shops sometime display jewelry items or let their customers know they have them for sale.
  • Campgrounds at national parks and tourist areas often sell craft gifts from local artisans.
  • Christmas shops offer a wide variety of products including crafted wreaths and ornaments.
  • Fashion boutiques that carry high-end garments are more likely to be interested in handwoven or one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Sell clothing and accessories to maternity shops.
  • Cookware stores are additional outlets for potholders, wood cooking boards, and other kitchen craft items.
  • Florist shops offer potential for pressed flower gift boxes and related crafts.
  • A woodworker might sell gun racks to gun stores.
  • Military bases all have PX’s which carry assorted merchandise.
  • Professional offices
  • Cruise ships
  • Private clubs
  • Banks
  • Civic centers

If your search for where to sell products you make is going to be limited to craft fairs, see this list of craft fairs.

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