March 2, 2010

Sell Crafts Online

sell crafts online ebook coverMore Than 500 Free and Low-Cost Ideas for Craft Artists and Indie Designers to Get More Links, Traffic, and Sales

Sell Your Crafts Online provides a roadmap to the best Internet places from which to sell, promote, get reviewed, and find new customers.

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This new guide reveals more than 500 Internet promotion ideas for those who make and sell handmade crafts including 21 ways to inspire trust (more visitors will buy) on your site pages.

“I am reading SELL CRAFTS ONLINE for the second time and its worth 3 times what i paid for it. Your books are the blueprint to selling online and anyone who has never sold online needs these, along with those who just want to increase exposure and sales opportunities.”
John & Svitlana Malinina

Boost your search engine traffic with 24 top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips.

Unhappy with your Etsy or eBay sales or just need more outlets? Find 85 more places to sell from.

“James was a guest speaker on our Guerrilla Marketing conference call and he blew me away with what he knows about selling on the Internet.”
~ JAY CONRAD LEVINSON, author Guerrilla Marketing series, over 15 million copies sold in 38 languages

Promote your items from 42 crafts related communites and get product reviews on 51 shopping community and blog sites that seek unique products.

You will also discover 16 ideas for getting free publicity in magazines and on TV.

Sell Crafts Online provides you:

More Than 500 Free and Low-Cost Ideas for Indie Designers to Get More Links, Traffic, and Sales provides a roadmap to the best Internet places to sell from, promote from, get reviewed from and find new customers from.
Here is more of what you get in Sell Crafts Online:

  • A sample marketing calendar that shows how to organize and schedule the 500+ ideas
  • 12 ways to gain advantages from incoming links
  • 10 sites just for selling crafts wholesale to stores
  • 33 art and craft search directories to list on and get links from
  • 33 top social and bookmarking sites to grow your network and fans from
  • 36 places to syndicate your images, blogs, videos, and articles
  • 12 top crafts-friendly and generic ad networks and what to watch out for
  • 16 sites (like Cafepress) that let you sell your art and designs via on-demand products like t-shirts, mugs, caps and hundreds of other products
  • 10 of the most common pitfalls new online craft sellers make and how to avoid them
  • 35 excuses for following up with past customers to turn them into lifetime buyers
  • 20 affiliate programs to sell your art and craft through
  • And more, totalling over 500 promotion ideas for those who make and sell crafts

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Basically, this is my personal marketing plan for promoting my own handmades. I have either used or plan to soon use many of the ideas in this guide. Some may be more appropriate than others for specific art and crafts.

“Quite an expert….Very informative. I wish we could keep you for the next three days.”

Sell Your Crafts Online is ridiculously cheap at only $3.99. With everything you get here, you will make many, many times more than the price, if you act on the ideas. Buy Kindle edition of “Sell Your Crafts Online” now

Save days of tedious research.
Get instant access to every resource.
Discover popular places online to sell and promote from you did not know of.

About the Author:
James Dillehay is nationally recognized craft business expert. Professional craft artist and author of nine books, Dillehay’s advice has helped readers of Family Circle, The Crafts Report, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Almanac, Sunshine Artist, Ceramics Monthly, Florida Retirement Lifestyles and more.

James has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Bottom Line Personal and has appeared as a featured guest on HGTV’s The Carol Duvall Show. He served as a member of the advisory boards to the National Craft Association and and has been listed in Who’s Who of American Entrepreneurs.

James is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and co-author of the best-selling, Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines, in addition to his book: Sell Crafts Online

Confused about where to sell crafts online? Here is what real people say about my craft business books:

“For those that want to take a truly aggresive approach, “Sell Your Craft Online” …. comes complete with over 500 different ideas, and if you still can not land sales after reading something like that you might as well call it a day and pack it in for good.”

“This book is choc full of great information and resources aimed at getting your craft business online and making it work once it’s there. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in selling crafts or artwork online.”
Mommacass, Palmyra, VA,

“This book is a gold mine of information, from design tips to marketing strategies. I will consult this book again and again as I’m building my business.”
MJT, Washington State

“After reading James Dillehay’s books, my business took on a new life. I changed my product slightly and the response was remarkable! My first order was triple what I had planned for, and other orders are pouring in!”
~ CATHY MARBLE, Chamisa Hill Designs

“After reading SELL YOUR CRAFTS ON EBAY, I added one word to a current auction title on eBay for my glass mosaic tiles and now I am getting DOUBLE the number of hits over my other postings that do not use that word. THANK YOU for that great tip!!”
~ NANCY COOKE, author The Art of the Tile,

“Should be viewed as the blueprint for success in the crafts industry.”

“An astonishing amount of usable information, crammed into so few pages! James Dillehay has an amazing talent for getting right to the point, with a minimum of “geekese.” Of the entire list of computer instructional manuals I have read, this one would top the list. I would not hesitate to recommend it . . . even to my mom.”

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