Sell Crafts on is an Etsy alternative shopping website to sell your crafts online. They list “unique and individual products” including handmade crafts. If you make it yourself, you can list in your Dawanda store.

To begin, register at and then create your shop. The process is similar to setting up a store on Etsy. You upload your personal images and then start listing the craft items you want to sell.

Creating your shop is free. Dawanda takes a small commission on each sale. At this time, there is no listing fee, but they advise that a small listing fee is coming in the future. Items stay listed until they sell, but my guess is that will change when the listing fee comes into the mix.

Customers pay through PayPal and you ship the order. You set up shipping charges and polices when you create your store.

More Places to Sell Crafts Online

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