Pottery Designs

Pottery is a special hobby, whether collecting pottery designs or exploring pottery production. Modern mechanized production of pottery vessels, however, has put more focus on mass and less on handcrafted pottery designs. This has led the typical crafts potter to concentrate more on original and aesthetic creations.

There are different methods of placing patterns on a piece of crafted pottery. Some pottery designs are hand painted and feature abstract compositions or realistically drawn images.

On the other hand, some pottery designs are not painted on; rather, the special colors and textures are added into the clay during crafting. For instance, adding different mixtures of colored clay, sand, grog, metal oxides, carbonates and combustible particles can produce really special patterns and colors into pottery designs that hand painting simply will not come near.

pottery designsThese decorative arts and crafts accents also come in varying shapes and sizes. While some resemble the traditional vase shape, others can be rounded or bubble shaped.

Finding unique pottery designs is not limited to just shape and size. Many you will find for sale also come with cultural significance. Nations all over the world can be represented in pottery form, with products from Mexico, Nicaragua, China, the UK, Italy, and just about any other country you can imagine.

Pottery designs handcrafted in other parts of the world are especially interesting for the ceramic craft artist to study because the qualities and personality of these cultures can be observed in the meticulous craftsmanship.

Pottery jars and bowls can also be a combination of shapes leading to some truly creative designs. Some creative ceramic potters take it one step further and create not just vessels of pottery but pottery designs in the form of statues and figurines of people. Pottery designs in the shape of cups, jars, plates and bowls are also popular items. Not only are cultural pieces a joy to collect, have you ever thought about antique and prehistoric pottery from all over the world? Not that they are very easy to purchase and collect; they can go for thousands of dollars in an auction if in good condition.

Prehistoric, antique and ancient pottery designs are an interesting subject to read up on. The crafts ability of mankind throughout the ages never ceases to amaze.

While you cannot easily buy prehistoric treasures, nor download a perfect shape for your pottery class, contemporary and handcrafted pottery designs are available for purchase.