Pinterest DIY Crafts to Make to Sell

Pinterest DIY examples of things to make and sell on this Pinterest board show some great pics of money making ideas. Visual images are more engaging than words alone. Checking out the pics of Pinterest DIY gave me tons of product ideas – from household products to simple fashion accessories.   Did you know that knitting or crocheting scarves and things for kids can be turned into cash?

pinterest diy

Many of the projects can be made from simple materials with just a little skill needed. Then you can post to sell on Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist or at craft shows and fairs. Sometimes even local farmer’s markets allow DIY handmade item for sale. You can post them for sale at not cost on the Craftmarketer Facebook group page.

So how much to price your treasures once you’ve made them? There’s several factors to look at such as your cost of materials, your time and other expenses. But the important thing to remember is learning how much a customer will pay for a similar item. Then use the tips here to raise your prices.

Pinterest DIY Board Pins

And check out for more best selling craft ideas. Lots of business plans for making hot selling products like knitting, woodworking, jewelry, spa products and more.

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