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How to Raise Your Craft Prices by Increasing Perception of Value

Perceived value is the worth a shopper places on an item when considering a purchase. Newcomers in business almost always under-price their craft products thinking they will attract more buyers. In the handmade marketplace, lowering the price more often lowers the perceived value. Raising the perceived value, however, lets you increase your prices and boosts […] Read More

Copyright Infringement: Making Crafts to Sell from Brand Name Material

Got an email from a long-time eBay seller who makes her crafts using material from a major brand name company. Apparently, the company is forcing her to discontinue making her crafts with their stuff. Unfortunately, many crafters are under the impression they have the right to use brand name materials when making their crafts to […] Read More

21 Business to Business Ideas

Business to Business Ideas for Artists and Crafts Makers This article lists twenty-one business to business ideas for creating extra or full time income. For my craft business readers, the ideas for creative types may be of special interest for ways to sell things you make to businesses. Once I got started on the topic, […] Read More

Pinterest DIY Crafts to Make to Sell

Pinterest DIY examples of things to make and sell on this Pinterest board show some great pics of money making ideas. Visual images are more engaging than words alone. Checking out the pics of Pinterest DIY gave me tons of product ideas - from household products to simple fashion accessories.   Did you know that […] Read More

Where to Sell Crafts Online

Apply to join the “Buy & Sell Handmade” Facebook Group here. Upon approval, you can list your handmade’s pictures, descriptions and links to Etsy or other ‘buy now’ options at no cost […] Read More

New Online Class: Free Motion Embroidery – Textile Necklace

Latest class brings together iconic Textile Artist with Editor of Mollie Makes The Amazings is an online craft platform where elders with a lifetime’s knowledge and experience share skills through online classes. In the light of the pension crisis and social care challenge the UK faces as an ageing society, The Amazings offers a new […] Read More

Getting People to Say Yes

“A recent meta-analysis of 42 studies involving over 22,000 participants concluded that these few words, placed at the end of a request, are a highly effective way to gain compliance, doubling the likelihood of people saying “yes.”” Read full article at http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/13/why-behavior-change-apps-fail-to-change-behavior/ […] Read More

Credit Card Machines for Craft Shows

Many craft sellers are now using Square, Etsy or PayPal readers on the mobile phones to accept credit cards at events. The new readers have made vendor's life much easier.  If, on the other hand, you are still using a conventional merchant account provider, finding the right credit card machine can be a challenge. If […] Read More

Etsy Etsy

Etsy Etsy MBA is a graphic showing Etsy’s growth over time. Gives hints about best selling crafts and best times to sell your handmade items […] Read More

Avoiding Mistakes by Taking Pictures

One of my most helpful tools in the glass shop is my camera.  It probably seems like the last tool to choose for working in stained glass but it is true!  I have always taken pictures of my work.  I do a lot of custom work and often enjoy keeping a client updated by letting […] Read More