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Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing

mobile merchant credit card processingMobile merchant credit card processing will increase your sales at craft shows. Not all your potential buyers carry enough cash for those impulse purchases craft fairs are so well known for.

So which portable credit card processing provider should you use? Since the boon in mobile phones, numerous services have emerged. Squareup com is probably leading the pack at the time of this article. But there are alternatives, described below.

Personally, I like Square. I’ve used their service for four years with very few issues. If I get a customer query about their square payment purchase or want to quickly access my sales and associated fees, I just go to my square up login where I can find what I need.  And I love it that all my sales coming through Square merchant services are deposited the next business day.

Though Square is very popular among craft fair vendors, here’s other mobile merchant credit card processing services to check out:

Choosing the right mobile merchant credit card processing service for your business

Here’s my list of criteria for picking a portable credit card processing company:

  • How easy is the mobile processing transaction for the customer?
  • How easy is it for the business owner?
  • What are the credit card processing charges per transaction?
  • Which credit cards does the service accept? (some exclude American Express which customers like to use because they get lots of air miles from)
  • How fast do they transfer money from sales to my bank account?
  • Does the provider charge a monthly service fee?
  • Is there a long term contract for the credit card processing service?
  • If there is a contract, what is the penalty for early withdrawal?
  • Is the credit card reader chip card compatible?
  • How easy to use is the service provider’s merchant back office?
  • How far back in time can you generate sales reports, receipts, and other data?
  • How much customer service does the mobile merchant credit card processing service provide?

Retail credit card processing helps grow your business at craft fairs. But as you can see, there are questions to ask before you select your service.


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