Microwave Stands Cabinets and Carts

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Clean Your Microwave

Microwave stands, cabinets, carts come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Microwaves are handy, but they really hog space in your kitchen.

Microwave stands cabinets and carts that will keep your cooking area clear and organized. Some microwave stands cabinets and carts are finished in wood, some in chrome, and some in white -- lots of choices to match your kitchen design.

A real simple way to clean those spills and splatters and deodorize at the same time - you can do this maybe once a month to avoid buildup: Fill a coffee mug with water and a few slices of lemon. Then, put it in the middle of the microwave’s tray. Cook on high for about 3 minutes, and then turn off the microwave. Leave the mug inside for another few minutes. Note that steam will soften the food spills, and the lemon will get rid of odors. If done, open the door and take out the mug. Wipe down the walls with warm, soapy water to remove excess residue and food. And, rinse and dry with a clean dish cloth.

Mobile Kitchen Microwave Cart - Microwave stands, cabinets or carts can be movable like this one which comes with three shelves and one basket. There's a wire safety fence around middle shelf and an upper shelf safety rail. This microwave cart has overall size of : 22"L x 16 1/2"W x 40"H buy now

Chrome Microwave Cart - When you're cooking, you want your countertops clear and uncluttered. Move your microwave and other everyday kitchen items onto microwave stands cabinets or carts like this one made of 25mm polished chrome. It has 4 wire hooks that attach to hang cooking utensils wherever you want them. buy now