McQueen Craft Fair in Reno, NV Accepting Applicants

by Craft-Business-Ideas on July 25, 2012

The McQueen High School Boosters Guild invites you to the McQueen Craft Faire to be held October 19, 20 & 21, 2012.  Friday evening hours are 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM with an exhibitor’s meeting at 5:00 PM.  Saturday hours are 9 AM to 5 PM and Sunday hours are 10 AM to 4 PM.


Artisan’s products are juried on 3 points: originality, quality of workmanship and your booth display.  We carefully examine photos of raw materials and of the artisan making their product.  Since the jury screens, scores, and accepts or rejects based on your photos, it is crucial to follow the “Photos Required” section below.  The first round of jurying will take place in April/May with notifications mailed in May.  The second and final round of jurying will take place in August/September with notifications mailed in September. Decisions of the jury are final.  Past participation does not guarantee your acceptance nor booth assignment.

New product lines created during the year must be submitted even if you’ve already been accepted.  Photos can be emailed.  Please note:  We will NOT consider any new products for addition to your booth after October 1, 2012.

Verification during show:

We inspect for items not officially juried into the show and/or buy-sell items.  We keep your photos so the committee can compare them to actual product in your booth.  Exhibitors with items that are “buy-sell” or deemed unacceptable will be asked to remove them from their booth.  If the problem isn’t corrected, that artisan will be asked to leave the Faire and no refund will be granted.  Photos will be returned during the show if requested.

Photos Required:  You will not be juried or accepted without these!

Please submit at least 6 clear, close-up photos which show:

  1. Raw Materials- patterns, fabrics, piles of wood, paints, beads, wire, metal, or whatever you use in your creations
  2. Process of Making Your Product- please include raw materials, several stages of your production and the finished product
  3. Work Space- we want to see your work space, even if it’s the kitchen, living room, etc. Messy is okay.
  4. Finished Products- please include a sampling of items you will have in your exhibit
  5. Booth Setup- we want to see your booth presentation

Please Note:

2 artisans sharing a space must each submit a set of photos.

If you make more than one category of crafts then a set of photos are required for each category.

Ineligible items:

The following items are NOT eligible for sale as arts and crafts items in the McQueen Craft Faire:

► Commercially manufactured items that are not significantly altered.  A piece may incorporate some commercially produced parts, but the design and execution of the work must be the product of the exhibiting artisan’s skills. Alteration and enhancement by the artisan and handcrafted components must dominate the commercial components.

► Mass produced items

► Resale items

► Kits

► Drug paraphernalia, weapons, including but not limited to: guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows

Exhibitor Information:

► Prices remain the same as last year.  Applications will have a complete price listing.

► Exhibitors must provide their own booth set-up (including appropriate canopy with adequate weight supports if assigned to the open courtyard), as well as tables, chairs, etc.

► A limited number of 10 x 15 spaces will be offered in the Small Gym.  See application for details.

► Exhibitors frequently ask for specific locations.  We try our best to accommodate those requests but applications are processed on a “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED” basis.  For this reason it is important to return your application packet ASAP by US Mail.

► Limited electricity is available.  There is a charge of $20 for electricity. We will place a power strip at each outlet and note which booth(s) are allowed to use it.  If you require more than overhead lighting and electricity is not available, please bring battery operated units. Electric heaters cannot be used.

► McQueen students will be available Friday to unload artisans and again Sunday afternoon after closing.

► Exhibitors must be present at their booths throughout the Faire to exhibit their work personally.

► Exhibitors may only exhibit work represented by their pictures for the category(ies) in which they were accepted.

► There is no rain date and refunds will not be given for weather-related issues.  Please come prepared if assigned to the Courtyard.  October days can range from cold and/or rainy to extremely hot.  Check the weather forecast that week!

► Exhibitors accepted will receive a notification packet. The packet provides detailed information regarding booth assignment, unloading times, instructions and other important information.

► Children under 12 and/or animals are not allowed in the booth.

► The show is completely inside the school.  It will be locked at night but we can not assume responsibility for your product.  Please remove items of high value at night.

► A Hospitality Table is provided for exhibitors Saturday & Sunday mornings.  It has complimentary beverages and light snacks.  It is located in the Faculty Lounge (cafeteria).

► Food and drinks are available for purchase in the Cafeteria. Students will be available to take your order.

► Booth sitter volunteers will be available to watch your space while taking a quick break/getting food.

► One time Sales Tax Returns are included in packets with instructions.  Every artisan must complete one.

► The City of Reno requires exhibitors to have a Reno Business License or pay a $15 in lieu of business license fee.  100% of this fee goes to the city.  We have no control over its assessment or the amount.  If you have a City of Reno Business License, enter the number and expiration date on your application.  If not, this fee must be paid.  Verify your license number is correct and that it has not expired or the City can assess a penalty. (Note:  Name on license must be the artisan or their business.  State of Nevada Business Licenses do NOT exempt you from the City of Reno requirement.)

Submitted Application Packets MUST include:

  1. A completed and signed application form acknowledging that the rules have been read and are understood
  2.  Required photos
  3. Check or money order, payable to “McQueen Boosters Guild” for $25.00.  Your check/money order will be deposited after jurying if you’re accepted and applied toward your total fees. The money will be returned if you’re not accepted.  Those accepted will receive notification.  It will contain your booth space assignment and an invoice for the remainder of your booth fees, which must be paid within 30 days.
  4. Self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing the notification packet after jurying. (2 stamps please)

For craft faire information or preshow tickets ($8 each/$10 at the door) for your core customers, contact:

Kari Zbella, Craft Faire Liaison

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Gary Roth July 28, 2012 at 2:56 pm

I am thinking about moving to the area from Louisiana and would like to know what is the last date I could reserve a booth and the booth costs. I understand it is a juried event and that is not a problem.


Craft-Business-Ideas July 28, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Contact: Kari Zbella, McQueen Craft Faire, Reno, NV, liaison


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