Macrame Instructions

Macrame instructions can be gleaned from books or from taking classes. Bead shops are great sources of workshops with macrame instructions.

For example, see The Macrame Book which allows you to create beautiful and charming projects from decorative accents to jewelry with fun and easy macrame instructions.

The knots and braids are lovely and can be combined with beads for some attractive effects.

Try different materials, such as braided cotton cord and suede lacing.

Macrame instructions, patterns, projects and more. Knot a pair of place mats for tonight's dinner, a leash sure to make any dog chic, a pendant that's the height of elegance, coasters to bring as housewarming gifts, to name but a few of the macrame instructions projects. buy Macrame Instructions book now

The Macrame Book - This very comprehensive macrame instructions book can be used by beginners and experts alike. It explains the basic knots and describes the materials and equipment needed to begin. buy now


The "Knotty" Macrame and Beading Book has a fun variety of knotted jewelry and projects. This update of a classic has a wide range; including chokers, necklaces, bracelets, plant hangers, and more! A very popular comprehensive knotting book with beaders of all ages. Lots of illustrations and patterns are included. buy now