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Knitting for Profit

Knitting for Profit

Portrait Of Woman Enjoying Knitting Garment At Home

When you pick up your copy of Knitting for Profit you will learn, among other things:

  • The most fundamental secret to knitting for profit; a simple idea that has managed to earn knitters everywhere hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  • The most important step you need to take before you even pick up your knitting needles
  • How to be one of the 5% of knitters who actually makes money from their knitting and avoid becoming one of the 95% who don’t!
  • How can use any of the five unique Knitting for Profit strategies to make money; each strategy has been tested and proven effective by knitters like yourself!
  • The worst online market for selling knitting you need to avoid at all costs!
  • All there is to know about picking only the most profitable knitting and crochet patterns to follow!
  • Seven proven methods to make money from selling knitted baby-wear, including the baby clothes you need to be making to exploit this very lucrative market! Read more…..
  • How to cut your yarn budget in half by buying yarn wholesale, complete with links to find a wholesaler near you!
  • How to begin knitting for profit right now even if you don’t have any money or experience running a business!
  • How even beginners can start a knitting business, even if you can’t even knit!
  • 10 methods anyone can follow to make knitted goods stand out and outsell any other product on the market!
  • Dozens of websites filled with demonstrations of everything you learn in this book; be amazed by what you’ll be able to do!
  • The easiest marketing trick there is; it’s an easy and simple trick to do that will generate even more business for your knitting than even the most expensive advertising methods!
  • How to avoid mistakes with color matching
  • The yarns that you should never use and how to avoid them
  • A list of FREEBIES! This list provides you with a way to get started with virtually no money using free resources including knitting and crochet patterns, free software, free website builders and advertising, free advice and mentoring, free blogging, free shopping carts, free business cards and so much more, all FREE! Read more…..
  • How to make your stall stand out at an arts and crafts fair to make more profit!
  • Discover the numerous websites out there where you can take on commission knitting work to start making money right now!
  • Where you can find FREE advice for starting up small businesses in England, America, Canada and Australia, as well as where you can find mentors who will help you
  • Hear the truth about Knitting for Profit from the many women who have taken this journey and now run successful knitting businesses
  • How to choose the best yarn for your products including reviews for over 4,500 different yarns!
  • Learn the most overlooked secret to making money for your craft, even if it isn’t knitting! Everyone ignores this simple method that will give you powerful profits right away if you follow it!
  • How to manage your time effectively so that you can still make money from knitting without sacrificing time with friends and family
  • How to sell just one knitting product for up to $500 or more
  • Where you can find many patterns for everything from toys to designer clothes, all of which are FREE! Read more…..
  • How you can create your online presence with a website, a blog, a business profile and an online store for FREE!
  • Which products you should be knitting for maximum profits
  • How to make money teaching OTHERS to knit! AND the best way to get started doing this including designing and presenting classes, finding students, how much to charge them, where and what you should teach, and a sample course for teaching beginners that gives you a great idea of how to structure a class
  • How to sell your products wholesale and on consignment, including an real knitter’s consignment contract that you can use right away in your business
  • How to add a new and unique spin to the classic knitting patterns that make your products more appealing and more valuable
  • How you don’t even need your own knitted products to make money from knitting
  • How to get started making money from knitting quickly and easily
  •

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