March 2, 2011

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What Others Are Saying

“James Dillehay is an extremely valuable member of our Guerrilla Marketing Network team. His postings are consistently wise, helpful, and very practical. He brings a wealth of information and insight to the network and many of our members are enjoying success because James so willingly shares his enlightenment.”

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, Guerrilla Marketing series
Over 14 million sold; in 39 languages

“Quite an expert….Very informative. I wish we could keep you for the next three days.”

Carol Duvall, HGTV
The Carol Duvall Show

“Since reading your books, I have implemented many of the ideas. I am now happy to report that I have had some surprising success at the “I just can’t believe its a flea market” here in Santa Fe. My hang cards, booth design, and even my products themselves have been changed by your books. I have only been there 5 partial days and have sold about 4 times what I sold in the equivalent time last year. I changed the color of the walls, the height of the tables, the displays, the hang cards, the pricing and more. So, IT WORKS!”

Julie Anderson,

What the Media Says about James’ Books

“Should be viewed as the blueprint for success in the crafts industry.”

“One of the most user-friendly yet practical books of its kind.”

“Everything you need to know is here, and it’s applicable to any craft.”

“A useful compilation of ‘insider information.'”

“His book has an astonishing amount of usable information, crammed into so few pages! James Dillehay has an amazing talent for getting right to the point, with a minimum of “geekese.” . . . The book seems to cover all the basics in a systematic way. It makes the intimidating prospect of even thinking about setting up a Web site a lot easier to approach. Of the entire list of computer instructional manuals I have read, this one would top the list. I would not hesitate to recommend it . . . even to my mom.”

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