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Handmade Crafts That Sell Best

what are the top selling handmade craftsWhat are the top selling handmade crafts?

Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy answer to which crafts sell best. It all depends on where and when and how you are looking. Top selling handmade crafts that sell at craft shows in one area of the country may flop elsewhere. Many crafts business owners have found some of their handmade items sell better in the Fall but not do well in the Spring or at other times of the year.

According to one craft industry survey a few years back, artisans working in glass, metal and mixed media brought in the top sales. Wood, clay and textiles followed. But there’s never been a survey that took all crafts in all markets into account.

One place you can learn about top selling handmade crafts on Etsy is at Craftcount.com. This site lists the top Etsy stores by category. You can then go in and look at items these sellers have done well with. Of course, there’s more to these Etsy sellers’ success than sales numbers. They’ve typically done a great job marketing, promoting, and following up with customers.

If you want to know the top selling handmade crafts at craft shows, check out crafts business magazines like The Crafts Report or Sunshine Artist. They sometimes give reviews of shows and report on the best selling crafts. Just remember that any report is only going to tell you what sold at a particular show, in a given city, at a certain time of year.

A problem with chasing after the best selling crafts is that the handmade business market is constantly changing. By the time you’ve found hot crafts that sell, the fad may be on its way out and you don’t want to get stuck with inventory of something that’s no longer “in”. You also want to be careful not to copy someone else’s work (copyright infringement).

If you are serious about starting a craft business, the question you really should be asking is “How can I make and sell crafts that are trend-proof and sell consistently?”

There are several things you can do to make crafts that sell, regardless of trends or fads.

  • Quality always sells. Make unique handmade craft items and make them well. And people will buy them.
  • Themes always sell. Create your crafts business around a theme(s) like cats or frogs or angels. People love their themes and create related products.
  • Scarcity always sells. Create a limited edition set of items and state in promotional material that you will not repeat that limited edition again.
  • Added value always sells. Add creative extras, like a nicely framed story, a certificate of authenticity or a DVD telling how the craft came about.
  • Personalized crafts always sell. When possible, charge an extra amount and add personal names to a craft item.

Instead of looking for the top selling handmade crafts, make items you love making and apply the tips above to boost your sales. Then, keep your success a secret! Most of the top handmade sellers do.

Easy Crafts That Sell Well

Okay, so you won’t go away empty handed, here is a video on some easy crafts that sell well. Just remember all the above issues like where are the items going to sell, what time of year, what kind of fair or event and who is your audience.


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