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Free Crochet Patterns

Free crochet patterns sites are listed here to the right. First though, I thought you'd want to know about something which helps you profit from your crocheting. Did you know that more than $38 million in crafts and needlecrafts supplies sold on eBay last year?

To give you a bigger picture of the demand for art and craft items, here are stats for bids and sales on eBay.

• a craft item sells every 9 seconds (about 9,600 per day, over 90,000 each week)
• a scrapbook item sells every minute (about 1,440 per day)
• more than 30,000 clothing and accessory items sells every day
• 40 cross-stitch items sell in an hour on average on eBay

If you're considering a part or full-time business you can run from home, there has never been a better time to start selling your crochet crafts. Visit: Knitting for Profits

Free crochet patterns sites
Free Patterns
Smart Yarns
Max's Room
Crochet and More
Lion Brand
Knitting Crochet
JP fun patterns
All of the above links lead to free crochet patterns.