Dee Hausker’s Artfire Review

Dee Hausker and I started a Twitter conversation (not easy to do in 140 characters or less) about and she graciously agreed to write about the site and why she likes it. Thank you, Dee. Dee has two studios on Art Fire at: and

Here is Dee’s review:

Art Fire is uniquely different from any online venue I have ever used. The Administration of the site is truly committed to your success. Art Fire encourages links to other venues you have products listed. A bigger footprint makes you easier to find! The commitment of Art Fire to their customer is top notch.

What I love about Art Fire:

  • A search that works and is random.
  • Flat fee for my Verified Account. No fees for commissions, or photos.
  • My Fusion Studio, I can change the layout, add custom color, larger banner, widgets (what’s a widget?? slide shows, your twitter button…. if it has code you can usually add it! Try it on for size!) It’s very user friendly and innovative!
  • Google Analytics, Studio Stats – know where you are being found, GA is explained, easy to set up.
  • No credit card needed! You never have to give a Credit Card information!
  • One page listing, 10 photo slots, you choose your currency.
  • On every listing there are promotional tools for you or others to promote your items in many venues.
  • Rapid Cart-Sell on your blog or website.
  • Automatic submission of your item to Google Base!
  • Administration and Staff are approachable. Staff are on the forums to handle any day to day glitches or questions.
  • Guilds for Verified Members ..Guilds are groups of like minded artisans, for discussion and promotion of their Art/Craft.

The basic FREE, yes I said FREE, account nets you 12 items listed. Some of the same perks as a Verified account, Google Analytics, Studio Stats, and YES you get a limited Fusion Studio TOO! No commissions! Really!As you use Art Fire you can upgrade your Basic Studio to Verified at any time….there are no limits you choose at what level you are committed to.

The side bar of your studio has links to many helpful features. There are Guides for SEO, SMO, other promotional tools. You have your own Message Center. Edit your Studio Links….

I’ve covered some of the basics of Art Fire. Want to know more? Visit the get started page for the whole scoop! You won’t be sorry!

OH by the way if you sign up for a Verified account from this article. I’d love a referral! Tell ArtFire that AllWiredUp sent you! Thanks!

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