Current Trends: Business Ideas, Products to Make and Sell

Business Ideas for Things to Make Based on Trends

This article provides several tools for identifying current and upcoming trends as a resource for business ideas of things you can make and sell.

Google Trends

Use Google Trends to spot popular topics to design items for. For example, sports events make hot search topics. If you incorporate basketball, football, baseball, NASCAR or other images into your products, you can time your sales to match popular search terms online. Note that many popular sports logos and mascots are copyrighted and you may have to go through the owner’s licensing division to get permission.

Be aware that what’s showing up in the news is usually temporarily popular, so don’t make a huge inventory you might get stuck with when the theme goes out of favor.

Search Engines

Type in “consumer trends for ____” (use current or next year.) One of the growing trends is that consumers like to buy products made in their own countries. The Google Trends image’s upward moving graph for the search term “made in usa” supports the evidence.

Color Trends

Knowing what colors are forecasted to be trends for fashion or interiors can help you make design choices that will help your handmade items sell.  At your search engine, type in “color forecasts for _____” (use the year ahead.)  Fashion color forecast from Pantone

Trend Hunter reports on consumer trends. They provide stats for brands who consumers are interacting with, and why and where these interactions are taking place.

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