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Access back issues of the Craft Business Newsletter below. Since I returned to weaving full time and managing a fine crafts gallery, I have not had enough hours to write and publish the Craft Business newsletter. However, I occasionally send out news or announcements related to selling crafts to that you may be interested in receiving.

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Craft Business Newsletter: Back Issues

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 56 January 14, 2011 Are your crafts lost on Etsy or Ebay? This issue explores other popular sites for making craft sales. Plus, learn about microenterprise funding.

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 55 October 29, 2010 How Much Time Should You Spend Promoting Your Crafts Online

Free Report : 12 Myths of Copyright for Artists and Craftspeople + Copyright Basics

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 53 July 22, 2009: How to Get Higher Prices for Your Crafts

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 52 June 17, 2009 : How a Marketing Calendar Helps Craft Sales Grow

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 51 December 18, 2008 : How to Use Facebook Business Pages to Promote Your Crafts

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 50 September 22, 2008 : Guerrilla Marketing Advantages for Selling Crafts

Craft Business Newsletter: Issue 49: November 29, 2007 Why Websites, Video and Social Networks Can Help Your Craft Business

Issue 48: March 9, 2007 Promoting Your Craft Site with a Small Budget

Issue 47: November 30, 2006 A Marketing Plan for Your Craft Business

Issue 46: October 31, 2006 Getting Publicity for Your Craftwork

Issue 45: September 29, 2006 What to Do When Someone Pirates Your Images or Content

Issue 44: Aug. 31, 2006 Pricing Crafts for Wholesale Selling

Issue 43: June 29, 2006 (PDF) Selling Your Crafts at Home Parties

Issue 42: May 29, 2006 (PDF) Choosing the Right Craft Shows for Your Crafts

Issue 41: April 29, 2006 (PDF) Should You Sell on Consignment?

Issue 40: February 28, 2006 (PDF) The 10 Commandments of Design

Issue 38: December 30, 2005 (PDF) How craft buyers search online

Issue 37: November 25, 2005 (PDF) Make it once, sell it 10,000 times

Issue 36: October 28, 2005 (PDF) How to get your crafts to stand out

Issue 35: September 23, 2005 (PDF) Ways to follow up and create lifetime customers

Issue 34, October 1, 2004  5 tips from art expert, Michael Woodward.

Issue 33, August 26, 2004  Finding craft shows, fairs and events. Examples of more types of events where you can exhibit and stand out.

Issue 32, July 29, 2004  15 Examples of how to write compelling auction pages that get more bids.

Issue 31, June 11, 2004  4 ways to find sources for items to sell on eBay.

Issue 30, April 24, 2004  A craft item sells on eBay every 9 seconds. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to sell your items, try this new approach.

Issue 29, March 18, 2004  Each color evokes an effect on your prospects. Learn how colors effect your marketing and promotional materials.

Issue 28, October 2, 2003  4 common myths about promoting your craft site and what to do to improve your search engine rankings

Issue 27, September 5, 2003  Free report with 50 Guerrilla Marketing tactics you can use free to promote your craft sales

Issue 26, May 17, 2003  Announcing referral program for

Issue 25, April 26, 2003  5 Things every craft artist needs to know about copyright to protect your designs

Issue 24, February 14, 2003  Answer to a question about starting a crafts business

Issue 22, September 24, 2002   Great site with articles on e-commerce for arts and crafts.

Issue 19, Feb. 21, 2002  Getting out of the sales rut. Tax Deductions. Craft Fair search box added.

Issue 18, May 27, 2001  New article on selling crafts online at eBay.

Issue 15, March 19, 2001  Earn extra income from your crafting experiences

Issue 14, February 25, 2001  Income tax deductions for your craft business

Issue 13, January 29, 2001  How to Manage Your Cash Flow — Designing your web site 

Issue 11, November 26, 2000  Do you need a merchant account? — Getting visitors to linger on your web site — Tips for backing up your computer files 

Issue 10, October 22, 2000  Pricing your craftwork — Review of new book.

Issue 9, October 2, 2000  Last call for getting free links — What crafts are popular?

Issue 7, September 11, 2000  Make it easy for your customers to reach you — Why break the rules of selling? 

Issue 6, August 17, 2000  An arts and crafts success story — Online help groups and mailing lists — Good web site design

Issue 5, July 31, 2000  Selling your crafts at online auction sites (part 2) —  Increase traffic to your web site —  Keeping up with search engine news

Issue 4, July 17, 2000  Selling your crafts at online auction sites (part 1) — Are you making a profit? — Free web hosting for your business

Issue 3, July 3, 2000 Selling your crafts online 

Issue 2, June 26, 2000 Letters to the editor — Looking for a cheap (how about free), reliable web host? — Getting funded through grant money for crafts — Internet tools! 

Issue 1, May 22, 2000: Working with Wholesale Reps — Are You Getting Traffic to Your Web Site? — Double Your Internet Connection for Free! 

“Your Craft Marketer Newsletter is a gold mine of very useful information! I appreciate the time and effort you put into each issue. You have covered several things that have been a problem for us. Thank you very much.”
Harriet in Washington State

“One website and newsletter that I ALWAYS enjoy is James Dillehay’s Craftmarketer Newsletter. His topics always include great, timely information and even if he’s not talking about a craft that’s specific to me, I’ve never received a newsletter that didn’t have SOME piece of useful information.”
~ Brigitte,

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