March 19, 2016


Need help figuring out how to turn the next big thing (no one else has thought of) into a business? Overloaded with ideas and unsure where to start? I know the feeling and understand the challenges of starting a business. Of course, you want to make money. But you also want your business to support your values and lifestyle.

Yeah, that dream you have is big and it’s going to need love and care to grow. One of the biggest hurdles going in: you don’t know what you don’t know.

Another gridlock happens when you go looking for help with YOUR dream and everyone’s pitching boilerplate how-to ideas that will work for any business. Not.

Every marketing idea doesn’t work for every business or every person, just like you wouldn’t take the same medicine to cure every illness. A unique dream deserves a unique plan.

Where I may differ from other coaches is in a laser like focus on your needs and values. I start off getting to know what’s important in your life and then show you ways your business can support your values while generating profits.

From a young age, and probably because I grew up with an entrepreneurial father, I started my own business. Over time, I grew a variety of ventures. As a craft artist, former gallery owner, workshop presenter, public speaker, author, publisher, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and more kinds of businesses, I gained many diverse experiences.

I can help you create and make use of your own personalized marketing plan. And I can very likely help you identify potential markets and spin-off opportunities you may not yet have considered.

Some areas of my experience:

Creating marketing plans
Pricing for maximum profits
Selling retail, wholesale and working with distributors
Finding overlooked markets
Opening your own retail store
Selling at fairs, festivals, expos
Selling online at Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, your website
Selling to interior designers
Raising money to start or grow
Developing new products
Developing spin-off products

Getting publicity
Photographing your products to improve sales
Publishing books, ebooks, magazines
Teaching classes, workshops
Becoming an expert in your field
Improving sales effectiveness
Creating packaging and promotional material
Learning about consumer trends
Taking advantage of tax deductions
Buying supplies at wholesale
Selling supplies as a side business

I get that you may be hesitant to hire a coach. Early in my ventures, I wanted to do everything myself. And there’s something to be said for feeling like you’ve done it all. That DIY stubbornness also cost me money and time. I could have saved so much if I had just worked with a coach who had been where I wanted to go. What I really needed was someone who could tell me the pitfalls and sweet spots down the road. Eventually, I learned. My business grew so much faster after working with a coach in my field. It’s way more profitable to find out early on what you don’t know from someone who’s been there than figuring it out the hard way.

So tell me about you when you are ready to make something happen with that creative vision of yours. Contact me to learn if we should work together. My coaching fee is $60 per hour.

Still tooting my horn a bit, but hey, you want to know if I really can help YOU so please know that in addition to starting several businesses over the years, I’m co-author of three books in the best-selling marketing series of all time, Guerrilla MarketingGuerrilla Multilevel Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines and The Best of Guerrilla Marketing.

Will working with me help you achieve your goals? Read what real people say…..

“We could not have imagined how much of an impact James Dillehay’s advice would make on our business. To our delight we are seeing results on a faster and larger scale than we expected in such a short period of time!”
Ken Kobrick & Angela Geene, featured on the Today Show, CNN, BBC and more

“James was a guest speaker on our Guerilla Marketing conference call and he blew me away with what he knows.”
Jay Conrad Levinson, author Guerrilla Marketing series, over 21 million copies sold in 62 languages

“I appreciate your help tremendously. You are one of the only people I’ve ever found who really knows this subject.”
Bernard Kamoroff, C.P.A., author of Small Time Operator, over 700,000 copies sold

“Quite an expert….Very informative. I wish we could keep you for the next three days.”
Carol Duvall, HGTV, The Carol Duvall Show

“I want to thank you again for presenting on Marketing Your Arts and Crafts for our entrepreneurs. We really appreciate your expertise and I hope that our paths may cross again.”
Karen Heath, Project Director SBA Prime, University of Alaska

“Outlining the practical steps which you took leading to success was outstanding! Thanks”
Marilyn Walker, Ph.D., Albuquerque, NM

“I couldn’t praise your presentation more highly. It was sincere, clear, straightforward, information-packed, easily understood.”
Meg Gregory, Psychotherapist

“Excellent! Very informative. Very down to earth. Thanks!”
Dr. Rodney Blanks, Ph.D.

Read more about James on the “About” page here

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