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Pricing Crafts

Pricing strategies for fine crafts differs from low-end craft items. This report will show you how to use pricing in specific circumstances to increase your market share. The situations where prices can change include where you sell your work, the time of year, amount of competition, and the newness of your product.  In many cases,[…]

Where to Buy Supplies Cheap for Making Stuff to Sell

Let’s say you have found stuff you want to make to sell. To be profitable, you can save money by buying your materials in bulk. Here are some sources for locating wholesalers: Cut out the middle man by going direct to the manufacturer. Makers of craft supplies (and practically anything else made[…]

How to Raise Your Craft Prices by Increasing Perception of Value

How to Raise Your Prices Perceived value is the worth a shopper places on an item when considering a purchase. Newcomers in business almost always under-price their craft products thinking they will attract more buyers. In the handmade marketplace, lowering the price more often lowers the perceived value. Raising the perceived value, however, lets you[…]

Found Objects: Getting Free Supplies to Make Things to Sell

Some crafters incorporate materials found freely in nature like interesting looking tree branches, sea shells, sand dollars, flowers, herbs, stones and crystals. These are often referred to as “found objects.” In my gallery, we got a lot of interest from shoppers browsing our recycled art or pieces made from “found objects.” The only cost to[…]

Wholesale Beads – Bead Supply Catalog

Find deals on wholesale beads in huge lots from bead suppliers above. Our bead supply catalog listings include single lots from individual sellers as well as big suppliers selling in large quantities. Discover an amazing variety of glass bead making supplies, bead jewelry making supplies, kazuri beads and other types of beading supplies listed on[…]

Duramax Sheds, Duramax Buildings

Prefabricated DuraMax storage shed kits are perfect for a home office needing high quality storage sheds. DuraMax Buildings are strong, highly durable and easy maintenance. A DuraMax shed is best enjoyed when “maintenance” needs are minimal. Dura Max Shed manufacturer makes vinyl and metal sheds, greenhouses, vinyl garages and storage sheds / yard insulated. DuraMax[…]

Caron Yarn

Caron yarn comes in lots of wonderful colors and styles. Below is the place to discover the lowest prices on knitting and crocheting including Caron Simply Soft yarn, Caron Jumbo yarn, baby yarn and many more. Knit doilies, afghans, sweaters, scarves, accessories and more with these worsted weight and 4 ply solid yarns on skeins.[…]

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