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More Books for Growing Your Craft Business

  • Licensing Art and Design  by Caryn Leland, Attorney - This guide shows how to license creative images, providing expert coverage on how to protect ideas with copyrights, patents, and trademarks, maximize royalties, find manufacturers and distributors, and license in cyberspace.
  • Small Time Operator, How to Start Your Own Business by Bernard Kamaroff - Start your own business with this complete guide which covers everything including permits and licenses, insurance, financing, leases, business plans, bookkeeping, taxes, employees, partnerships, corporations, trademarks, dealing with the IRS, and much more.
  • How to Teach Workshops and Seminars That Make A Difference by Bob Walling - Earn extra money teaching adults. Discover how to make any subject, of any length or complexity, interesting and vital to the adult learner.
  • Handmade for Profit: Secrets to Success in Selling Crafts by Barbara Brabec - All of the other necessary basics are presented as well, from building confidence, developing your product line, and setting prices, to creating a printed professional image with brochures, business cards, labels, and more.
  • Publish Your Patterns, How to Write, Print & Market Your Designs by Nancy Restuccia - An invaluable resource for publishing and marketing designs and patterns, and it also contains lots of information relevant to other small businesses.
  • How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business by Shirley George Frazier - Learn what it's like to be a designer, how to choose and store products, where to find customers, who's your competition, how to market for more sales, and learn the best shipping and delivery options for your baskets.
  • Business and Legal Forms for Crafts by Tad Crawford - Written by by Tad Crawford, Attorney, it contains 23 different forms, with advice on standard contractual provisions and unique negotiation checklists to guide artisans in making the best deal.
  • Publishing Your Art as Cards, Posters, & Calendars by Harold Davis - topics covered include finding a publisher - royalty schedules - the economics of publishing - self-publishing - production methods - market research - clues to poster image selection - market positioning - finding a printer - finding a sales rep - managing your business and fulfillment.

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