March 19, 2016


Articles on Business Ideas for Selling Things You Make

Marketing a craft product is about more than just selling at craft fairs. Below you’ll find a collection of articles excerpted from our craft business books to help you find ideas to increase your sales and lower your costs.

Best Selling Crafts that Will SellWhat are the best selling crafts that will sell? How do you know what’s really hot? You can….

Pricing Craft ItemsYou need a pricing strategy that recovers all your expenses, including your time. Here is a very simple and effective formula….

How to Raise Capital –  You will need money for show rental fees, travel expenses, additional raw materials to replace what you use, office supplies, photography, and ….

How to Sell Crafts at Crafts Fairs –  Learning how to sell crafts can be fun especially at craft fairs. I personally like to sell at craft fairs because beyond the dates of the show, there are no further commitments….

Home Based Craft Business Tips –  Organize your home based craft business: Write your creative ideas down on paper when they first occur to you. If you delay, you will probably forget….

What To Do If Your Crafts Aren’t Selling –  Before you give up, try some of the methods for increasing your crafts sales listed here. Begin by asking yourself these questions…

Where to Sell Crafts – Markets Beyond Craft Shows –  When exploring where to sell crafts, think beyond craft shows. Here are some opportunities
often overlooked by other craft artists…

Selling Crafts Through Consignment Shops –  When selling your handmade crafts through consignment shops or outright to stores, the direct approach
is often the fastest way to get your work into shops or galleries….

How to Choose the Right Keywords to Rank High in the Search Engines –  Some web sites get loads of free traffic from the search engines. Others get none or little. The difference is in choosing the words or phrases people are actually using every day in their searches.

5 Things Every Craftsperson Must Know About Copyright to Protect Your Designs –  It can actually happen where you have not registered your copyright; another artist steals your design; they then register a copyright in their own name first, and then sue you for infringement, even though you were the originator….

Sell Your Crafts on eBay –  Artists, craftspeople and photographers are successfully selling their wares everyday on the online auction site, eBay. According to a recent analysis of eBay sales, a crafts-related item is sold every nine seconds….

Trade Shows for Crafts – Are They for You? –  There are trade shows for almost every industry and interest group including crafts. Trade shows serve as outlets for the latest trends and designs in products and services provided to any given trade. Attendees include store buyers, interior designers….

Tax Advantages for Arts and Crafts –  Craft business owners who sell what they make may qualify for tax breaks. When you begin your craft business, you spend money on expenses that the IRS calls “start-up” costs. There are only two ways to deduct these costs….

Making and Selling Crafts Brings Spin-Off Opportunities –  Making and selling crafts provides many options available for income using the knowledge, experience and personal contacts you have gained from your craft business….

Pricing Strategies for Fine Crafts –   Pricing strategies for fine crafts differs from low-end craft items. This report will show you how to use pricing in specific circumstances to increase your market share…..

Recordkeeping: How to Make a Profit Selling Homemade Crafts –  There is one aspect of being self-employed which seems to be universally dreaded, recordkeeping. But it’s important because keeping good records shows you how to make a profit selling homemade crafts.

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