Analysis Paralysis: Learning Not to Wait Until Things Are “Perfect”

by Angee Robertson

A few days ago, in a conversation with a colleague, I was expressing to him a business venture I’m investigating. He asked me what steps I had taken to move forward and how soon I would be launching this idea. I told him I was in the fact-finding phase right now and hadn’t really made any definite plans to launch.

“Angee, don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis,” he stated.

I fired back on the defensive, “What do you mean?” But I knew full well what he meant.

“Set a date you want to launch and live into it. Otherwise, you will never go forward.”

I think as business owners, we get really excited about creating the business, but we forget that we have to actually do the work involved to make it happen. We can get so wrapped up in having the perfect letterhead, Web site, logo, voicemail message, etc. I totally understand that these items – along with a little research – are extremely important. But if it’s a year later and the Web site is still being tweaked and there are no clients, it is possible that analysis paralysis has taken hold.

Diagnosis of Analysis Paralysis

Here are five signs of Analysis Paralysis:

– You believe you can’t go out and promote yourself as an expert when you don’t have any clients.

– You feel you need to get more experience before you are able to take on any paying clients. It just wouldn’t be fair for them to pay you while you learn.

– You are constantly changing the look of your business.

– When you log into your account, all the recommended reading books have to do with research on your business.

– You have no plan or date to launch your business to hold you accountable.

Believe me, I am constantly learning and changing my business. It will never be perfect and that’s okay. If everything is perfect, I’m willing to bet my business is stagnant and not evolving. When I first began my business, I had the cheesiest looking logo and Web site. As my business grew, I changed the look but I never stopped promoting myself or working my business. I have learned along the way that the most important things I’ve done were to share my gifts and build my legacy. It’s said that action is better than perfection!

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About the Author

Angee Robertson is President of Shepolitan Corp, a company committed to supporting overwhelmed women entrepreneurs in the day-to-day operations so they can focus on what brings them joy in their business.  For the past nine years, Angee has worked as a virtual business manager for six and seven figure business owners, helping them to automate and organize their systems and operations. This allows them to focus on their “genius work” and do the things they really love in their businesses.

Angee understands the importance of building relationships with her clients. Her favorite comment is, “well, that was easy!” She has recently launched Sheic Journals, a product to help women get out of overwhelm and provide a safe place to clear their minds. You can learn more about her and view her products at

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