where to sell handmade products

Where to Sell Products You Make

Where to sell products you make? There are many places offline and online when you are looking at where to sell products you’ve produced. This article lists many types of face-to-face events for selling your art, craft or photography. You may already be aware of popular events like: Art shows Fine craft shows Country craft[…]

Monopoly game crafts to make and sell

Turning Monopoly Money Into Real Cash

Monopoly was my favorite game when I was growing up. When I was looking for artists for my craft gallery, I came across some interesting works of art that incorporated old Monopoly games. But even more intriguing was the ideas described in the video below. The hosts show how they picked up a used monopoly[…]

what is selling online

What is Selling Online: Where to Find Ideas for Things to Make and Sell

What is selling online is one of those questions that if we knew the answer, we could really cash in, right?  Yes, no, maybe. Fads come and go. What is selling online today may not be so hot in a few months. The real question to ask is how to make your items stand out[…]

Document Processes – Wash, Rinse & Repeat

by Angee Robertson. A vital step in building your business foundation is documenting how certain tasks are performed whether by you or someone else. This may seem like an annoyance at first but you will thank me for it later. By completing this step, you will ensure that tasks are completed consistently and efficiently every[…]

Where to Buy Supplies Cheap for Making Stuff to Sell

Let’s say you have found stuff you want to make to sell. To be profitable, you can save money by buying your materials in bulk. Here are some sources for locating wholesalers: http://fleamarketzone.com/top-product-sources/ http://www.toptenwholesale.com http://Liquidatorsmarketplace.com Cut out the middle man by going direct to the manufacturer. Makers of craft supplies (and practically anything else made[…]

Sustainable Solutions

My problem solved through creativity and imagination By Brandy Boswell, Artist & Owner of Elegantly Haunted, www.ElegantlyHaunted.com – Hand painted Glassware for ALL Occasions!!! Today there are many ways your make your home, gift giving, and entertaining greener. One of the best methods is through purchasing products that are repurposed. However, it can be difficult[…]

Craft Business Branding

Branding for your Craft Business by Chrisy Bossie Brand and brand management is the basis of your advertising and the way people remember you. When I sell my product I want the person that bought it to be able to remember the name “earthegy” years from now. I want that word to be famous. That[…]

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