Finding Craft Fair Listings and Show Reviews

Do you sell at craft fairs? I updated my list of craft shows, festivals and events listing services at If you are looking for shows and events to sell to, some of these services include reviews by artists who have attended. Very helpful if you visit a show yourself before signing up for a[…]

Required Licenses for a Craft Business

What are the required licenses for a craft business? At some point, your sales have grown and you are starting to wonder if you should get a business license and open a business checking account¬† Legally, you need a business license from the beginning. But as you probably know, there are many folks selling products[…]

Current Trends: Business Ideas, Products to Make and Sell

Business Ideas for Things to Make Based on Trends This article provides several tools for identifying current and upcoming trends as a resource for business ideas of things you can make and sell. Google Trends Use Google Trends to spot popular topics to design items for. For example, sports events make hot search topics. If[…]

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