Craft Business Site Makeover

Craftmarketer is getting a makeover during the next few days. We’ll be adding news, articles and resources for where to sell stuff you make and ideas for growing a thriving home business. Meanwhile, to view our former craft business site map, click here.

What to Do If Your Blog Gets Hacked

I found out the hard way, that if you use WordPress, your blog is vulnerable. Awhile back, I set up a blog using the WordPress via Fantastico module in my host’s cpanel. It makes for a very easy installation.I hadn’t posted to that blog in several months and then I got an email from one[…]

Etsy Alternatives: Why You Should Be Everywhere

Etsy still rules as the biggest site for buying and selling crafts but as they grow, they run into a similar situation as eBay did. The larger a company becomes, the harder it is to satisfy hundreds of thousands of users. No matter what they do, they are going to have lots of unhappy members.[…]

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