10 SEO Myths About Selling on Etsy

Selling your products on Etsy (or anywhere else online) depends heavily on getting found in searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making sure your product pages have tags or keywords relevant to the problems that your product solves or its features that are popularly searched for. For example, if you make leather cases for smartphones, you have a multitude of search phrases to consider including in your product listing. The challenge is finding and using the tags or phrases that actually result in more sales.

There is no question of Etsy’s potential for helping you find more buyers. The question is what can you do to improve your item’s results in Etsy search. The video below will help you understand some popular myths about Etsy SEO and how to tweak your listings and see results quickly. It’s an interview with Richie and Gordon, founders of Marmalead, a subscription tool for quickly learning which keywords to use to improve how to sell on Etsy.


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