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Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing

Mobile merchant credit card processing will increase your sales at craft shows. Not all your potential buyers carry enough cash for those impulse purchases craft fairs are so well known for. So which portable credit card processing provider should you use? Since the boon in mobile phones, numerous services have emerged. Squareup com is probably […] Read More

Guest Authors Wanted

If you have tips or news to share that helps craft business owners, contact us with your article idea […] Read More

Starting From Home and Growing a $Million Dollar Business

You've probably heard of billion dollar businesses that originated out of someone's garage. Amazon.com began in Jeff Bezos garage. Amway, Apple, Disney, Google, Mattel, Microsoft, Dell and Nike all started from their founder's homes. But how often do you hear about successful handmade businesses and how they scaled their small start up into global success? I […] Read More

10 SEO Myths About Selling on Etsy

Selling your products on Etsy (or anywhere else online) depends heavily on getting found in searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making sure your product pages have tags or keywords relevant to the problems that your product solves or its features that are popularly searched for. For example, if you make leather cases for […] Read More

Types of Craft Fairs, Expos and Festivals

Selling things you make at local craft fairs is a good way to start your business. You can test your products to learn how they sell. You'll get feedback from customers to help you improve your items. I personally like to sell at craft fairs because I enjoy the interactions with customers. If I do […] Read More

Finding Craft Fair Listings and Show Reviews

Do you sell at craft fairs? I updated my list of craft shows, festivals and events listing services at http://craftmarketer.com/find-craft-shows/ If you are looking for shows and events to sell to, some of these services include reviews by artists who have attended. Very helpful if you visit a show yourself before signing up for a […] Read More

Required Licenses for a Craft Business

What are the required licenses for a craft business? At some point, your sales have grown and you are starting to wonder if you should get a business license and open a business checking account  Legally, you need a business license from the beginning. But as you probably know, there are many folks selling products […] Read More

DIY Project Ideas for Making Stuff to Sell on Etsy and Elsewhere

Kind of silly video but some good ideas for easy do it yourself business ideas to make stuff to sell […] Read More

5 Simple Things to Sell on Ebay

[…] Read More

Current Trends: Business Ideas, Products to Make and Sell

This article provides several tools for identifying current and upcoming trends as a resource for business ideas of things you can make and sell. Google Trends Use Google Trends to spot popular topics to design items for. For example, sports events make hot search topics. If you incorporate basketball, football, baseball, NASCAR or other images […] Read More