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My name is James Dillehay. I provide most of the content here gathered from more
than thirty years of experiences as a working craft artist, gallery owner and educator.
Product Creation

Looking for product ideas you can make and sell? There are hundreds of items you can make by hand. Use my best selling craft products formula.

Pricing Formula

Learn how to price your handmade products. Discover ways to raise the perceived value in order to attract buyers willing to pay more.

Photos and Packaging

When selling online, your photos have to be exceptional. For selling to stores, eye-catching packaging will make your items move off the shelves.

Promotion and Marketing

Discover venues to promote your handmade products on Etsy, at craft fairs, to stores and many overlooked markets.

Best Business Practices

Keep your business safe out of trouble by learning about licenses, permits, sales taxes and copyright issues.

Part Time Handmade Seller

If you just want to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month selling your handmade items, I’ve got some great tips to help you get started. Just follow the link below to view all our content tagged for Part Time Sellers.

Full Time Empire Builder

So you want to build an empire from your handmade items. Get ready to discover insider tips to help you grow and scale your business to any size you envision. Click on the link here to view the collection of Empire Builder tactics.

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