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Craft Trade Shows

Are Craft Trade Shows for You? There are trade shows for almost every industry and interest group including crafts. Trade shows serve as outlets for the latest trends and designs in products and services provided to any given trade. Attendees include store buyers, interior designers, architects, museum buyers, sales reps and mail order catalog buyers. […] Read More

Add Stories to Increase Your Craft Sales

People love stories. The best presenters and marketers agree that stories captivate your audience and keep them engaged. Whenever or wherever you sell crafts, consider adding stories to each piece. The longer time someone spends examining your craft item either at a craft show or online at etsy, the higher the probability the person is […] Read More

Are You Using Twitter to Sell Crafts?

Twitter is being used by all kinds of businesses for lead generation, public relations, marketing, sales and sharing new products. Many craft business owners find it difficult to overcome the learning curve, learn the Twitter lingo, gain a following and sustain interesting conversation while providing enough reason for followers to keep up. I came across […] Read More

Pricing Crafts

Pricing strategies for fine crafts differs from low-end craft items. This report will show you how to use pricing in specific circumstances to increase your market share. The situations where prices can change include where you sell your work, the time of year, amount of competition, and the newness of your product.  In many cases, […] Read More

Dee Hausker’s Artfire Review

Dee Hausker and I started a Twitter conversation (not easy to do in 140 characters or less) about Artfire.com and she graciously agreed to write about the site and why she likes it. Thank you, Dee. Dee has two studios on Art Fire at: AllWireUpTOO.artfire.com and AllWiredUp.artfire.com Here is Dee’s review: Art Fire is uniquely […] Read More

Is it worth the effort to seek publicity for your craft business?

We tend to think that getting coverage by a newspaper, magazine or TV show is out of our reach. It seems like most of the news that grabs our attention is some kind of crisis or the latest celebrity couple breaking up. However, there is a whole other area of publicity appearing in the feature […] Read More

Where to Sell Products You Make

Where to sell products you make? There are many places offline and online when you are looking at where to sell products you’ve produced. This article lists many types of face-to-face events for selling your art, craft or photography. You may already be aware of popular events like: Art shows Fine craft shows Country craft […] Read More

Turning Monopoly Money Into Real Cash

Monopoly was my favorite game when I was growing up. When I was looking for artists for my craft gallery, I came across some interesting works of art that incorporated old Monopoly games. But even more intriguing was the ideas described in the video below. The hosts show how they picked up a used monopoly […] Read More

How Jeri’s Jewels Was Born by Jeri Jones

At the age of 49, I had never wore a pair of earrings that dangled.  I was a post/stud woman only.  My friend at work came back from a cruise with a gorgeous pair of earrings for me.  The were pretty, but the were loooong….at least one inch!!  I was unsure about wearing them, but […] Read More

Ready to Sell Your Crafts?

Some Tips From My Personal Experiences by Barbra Davis If you are ready to take a step from making crafts for fun to selling them for profit, here are some things that I have learned from the past 8 years of creating stained glass pieces to sell. Price Matters My husband and I opened a […] Read More